Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Brigitte Mc Govern was born in Hamburg, where she attended the Hamburg College of Art & Design. After graduating with Honours in 1967, she moved to Munich where she worked as a graphic designer in advertisement. She then decided to pursue a professionnal artist career and moved to Ireland in 1979. In her art, she likes to use cool tones, and generally work oils, in a photo-realistic way. To date, she has treated various subjects ranging from mountains, seasights, stones, as well as clothes and dolls.
Parallel to her own work, she developped an interest in councelling and art therapy, a discipline in which she qualified in 1992 at Crawford College of art and design (Cork) and taught ever since in various institutions, including Tara House and Tus Nua in Dublin. She was awarded the Douglas Hyde gold medal at the Oireachtais Exhibition in 2003, and had works accepted for the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition.
Her recent exhibitions include "Seen and Unseen", and "Sea Change", shown at the Signal Arts Center in 2005 and 2011.

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